Tiyamike Sewing

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About Us

TIYAMIKE SEWING is a non-profit Christian charity that aims to demonstrate the love of God through empowering women from low-income families with sewing skills to increase their capacity to better provide for their families. Each of the participants in our program graduate with a sewing machine so they can begin their own business. 

Our beautiful handcrafted items are made by the women as they practise to improve their sewing skills during the nine-month program. Profits made from the sales from our products are reinvested into our program and into the lives of our women and their families.

TIYAMIKE SEWING began with our first class of nine women in 2014. Nine women who were struggling to make ends meet for their families and keen to learn a new skill so they can generate more income. Under the direction of a missionary from Australia and the instruction of a skilled tailor, these women attended classes for nine months as they learned the basics of sewing. In June 2015, we had a gathering to celebrate the hard work of these nine women as they graduated from our program and went home with their very own sewing machines to begin their own tailoring business from home.

We are looking forward to welcoming our new class of women in September 2016.